Corendon Foundation

Our story

Corendon Foundation

The story behind the foundation of the Corendon Foundation starts with founder and co-owner of Corendon, Atilay Uslu. In 2011, he decided to set up a foundation to spread a positive message to the world as a travel organization. Not only at our holiday destinations, but also in the Netherlands.

Our projects

We support various charities and projects, which we broadly divide into the following two categories

  • Culture & society
  • Nature & environment

Culture & society
During a holiday, nothing is more fun than ‘culture sniffing’. Therefore we are happy to give back those cultures and societies at holiday destinations and in and around Amsterdam. In addition, we support necessary flights, for example during the refugee crisis or after a natural disaster.

Nature & environment

Tourism can give an economic boost, but it can also have negative effects. We therefore realize that we must deal with nature and the environment with care. We do this by supporting organizations that focus on the environment, animals and biodiversity in specific subjects.

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