Before you apply, we want you to know what we offer our employees. Our company philosophy ‘Real People Feel Good’ is the main principle.

Familiar from the start

It’s important at Corendon Hotels & Resorts that we recruit the right people to fit the team. We look for enthusiastic, healthy, energetic and passionate people with personality. Everyone who comes to work for us is needed to maintain the optimum balance in the team. At Corendon Hotels & Resorts, it’s not just the individual who’s very important, but the team as well. Every Team Member has to feel welcome and trusted. This starts from the moment they start working for us.

We celebrate you’re here

At Corendon Hotels & Resorts, we endeavour to provide our new colleagues with an optimum start: relaxed, welcoming, informative, professional and personal. It’s very important to us to supply you with the right information and documentation from the start. It is also important that you immediately feel welcome. We make sure that everyone knows that you will be starting with us, that a complete settling-in programme and guided tour is prepared and that a training programme is drawn-up. “Well begun means half the work done!” – Dutch saying.

Sparkling service

In order to ensure that you can perform well professionally, we have developed extensive training programmes. We think that it’s important that every member of staff has the opportunity to grow in their role. We do this by being open and transparent in our aims for each department and as a hotel as a whole. This means that it is clear what is expected of you and your team.

De-stress, Relax en Re-energize

You are important to Corendon Hotels & Resorts. We aim to create as much balance as possible in your work situation. This means the balance between your work and your private life, the relationship between you and your manager and, above all, the balance in the team. The team is only as strong as the weakest link after all.

Revitalize en Real people feel good

We attach a great deal of importance to spending time and consideration on our colleagues and being committed to them. An appraisal interview is not a detached and isolated thing which happens once a year. It is the logical conclusion to a programme in which you receive regular feedback from your Team Captain, the Operations and the Team Manager. You are also allowed every opportunity to improve your behaviour and performance. This means that your Team Captain, the Operations and the Hotel Manager can be seen on the work floor. They will also support you when carrying out your work.

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