As well as financial objectives which are focussed on profit and continuity, Corendon Hotels & Resorts attaches a great deal of importance to achieving goals which benefit society.

Sustainability within the Corendon Group
The Corendon Group has collective and individual goals for the separate subsidiaries Corendon Vliegvakanties, Corendon Airlines and Corendon Hotels & Resorts.
Internationally, people often talk about People, Planet and Profit while in the Netherlands we talk about People, Environment and Society – Mens, Milieu en Maatschappij.
Corendon Hotels & Resorts focusses on People and Society. Activities which are focussed on the environment are as a matter of course and are an integral part of our operations.

Corendon Hotels Bazar_3-72dpi& Resorts uses Fairtrade products, recyclable beds, organic cotton sheets and towels and all hotels have innovative systems to make energy use almost climate neutral. All plastic packaging in the hotel, like bottles of liquid soap, lotion and body cream, has been replaced by one large refillable bottle of Fairtrade soap and shampoo. This saves about 300,000 packages in just the Corendon City Hotel Amsterdam which would otherwise have been thrown away.
Corendon Hotels & Resorts invests in sustainability so that we, as a society, can continue to exist in the environment until well into the future.

What does Corendon Hotels & Resorts have to offer?
Corendon Hotels & Resorts’ management is focussed on people. People like employees in the company or the residents in the neighbourhood where the hotels are, or children who are still a school and have to decide on a career or people who have to eat well and get some exercise. Corendon Hotels & Resorts also wants to be there for people who have difficulty finding work, people with a disability and people who have difficulties paying their debts.

It is very important to think and consult with each other about what it is to be a good employer. At Corendon Hotels & Resorts, it’s not about the profits made, but the people in the company who have helped it to achieve its successes.

Corendon Hotels & Resorts endeavours to provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment in which everyone is welcome to think about conducting business sustainably.

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