Reservations Manager

I started working at The College Hotel in July 2005 as a Reservations Supervisor and then in 2007 I was promoted to Reservations Manager.
I studied in the south coast of the UK at the local hotel school, then worked at a five star hotel for one year as an in-house management trainee. Working at this hotel gave me the experience of all departments, from housekeeping, room service, HR, sales, kitchen and so on.
When I arrived in Holland in 2000, I started working at the Sheraton Airport property as Receptionist and I was promoted to Front Office Supervisor after one year.

Luckily, I was invited to the opening party of The College Hotel in May 2005, and wanted to work at this beautiful, unique hotel desperately. I applied for Reservations Supervisor with no real experience of pure reservations, but five years on Reception helped! I was given the opportunity, which is what is wonderful about The College Hotel concept, it’s full of opportunities for young professionals and more experienced professionals alike!

Since Corendon Hotels and Resorts has taken over The College Hotel, I have personally seen so many changes, which have only improved on what I considered already perfect, so it can only be a wonderful thing!

Reservations department

Open communication, adaptability, and dazzling service are pivotal in the Reservations Department. Our team is the link between various internal departments and the guest. Seeing so-called problems as opportunities is what the team is all about. They see every telephone conversation and e-mail as a potential reservation. As well as dealing with the, largely initial, contact with guests, the department also deals with bookings and their management and control.

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