Corendon Hotels & Resorts BV offers her guests the lowest price guarantee. Do you find a cheaper price on another website? We compensate the difference in euros as long as it differs more than two euros.

For a legit lowest price claim you need to be in possession of a booking that has been completed on or one of the affiliate websites (,,
The claim can only be apllied on bookings made at one of the following Corendon Hotels & Resorts:

1. The guarantee can not be applied to the following rate types:

2. The Corendon Hotels & Resort lowest price guarantee rate and the “lower price” needs to be found and booked on the official website or one of the affiliate website. The rate needs to be checked and send within 24 hours after you made a booking. You need to send the claim for the same hotel, room type and reservation date by filling in the claim form correctly and without leaving any information out. Equal termination and presale arrangements must be applied. It satisfies if the guest makes a printscreen from the booking page (one which shows all the information about the booking) and includes them to the claim formulier.

3. Corendon Hotels & Resorts strives to check the “lower price” within 48 hours after the claim has been received, and will keep you updated. Because the claim needs to be checked we acquire you to send your claim at least 48 hours before you need to check in according to your booking.

4. When there are several rates shown for the same hotel, reservation date and room type on or one of the affiliate websites, you need to book the lowest available price to qualify for the lowest price guarantee.

5. The “lower price” needs to be public accesible, bookable and available to be checked by Corendon Hotels & Resorts BV. When the “lower price” is offered on or one of the Corendon Hotels & Resorts affiliate organizations, the price needs to be booked to qualify for the lowest price guarantee. Corendon Hotels & Resorts and the web related organizations do not charge any termination costs. Corendon Hotels & Resorts can not be held responsible when the “lower price” is booked by another company then one of the affliliate organizations of Corendon. Neither will they be responsible for added costs that come with the cancellation.

6. Rate comparising is free of taxes, extra costs, or costs involving the room rates and the “lower price” at the moment that Corendon Hotels & Resorts checks the lowest price claim. Rate inequalities which can be blamed to changes and/or differences in currency are not included in the lowest price guarantee.

7. When a claim form covers more then an one night stay, the rates will be compared seperately per night.

8. Corendon Hotels & Resorts has the right to change and/or dissolve the lowest price guarantee at any moment, without any warning in advance. Submitting a claim can be done easily by filling in the claim form. The booked rate and the “lower price” need to be filled in and the claim form needs to be send within 24 hours. The claim must relate to the same hotel, room type and reservation date as on the booking. We shall send the claim to the department and employee who is responsible for this hotel. The hotel in question will contact you within 48 hours after the hotel it received the claim from Corendon Hotels & Resorts.