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Dear guest,

From June 5th, our Spa will also be able to open its doors completely for hotel guests and non-hotel guests. Please reserve in advance due to limited capacity.

*Spa treatments such as massages are possible. Click here for more information

The existing measures still apply to all guests and visitors. This means that people keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other and wearing a mouth mask is mandatory.

The national measures for the corona virus can be read further here.

Step by step, we can do everything we can to prevent the virus from spreading further. Take care of yourself and each other!

Disclaimer: With regard to the constantly changing covid-19 measures, not all information on our website may be accurate. We do our utmost to inform you as well as possible.

In Village Spa & fitness and in Vitality Spa Amsterdam you can enjoy all of the facilities. Do you want to visit both spa’s frequently? Then take out an affordable and exclusive membership. With this membership you get immediate access to both Vitality Spa based in Amsterdam and Village Spa & Fitness located in Corendon Village Hotel in Badhoevedorp. A membership gives you the opportunity to regularly relax in our luxury spa and exercise in the fitness.

Profit from the advantageous Spa memberschips!

  • Unlimited acces to the Vitality Spa facilities * and Vitality Fitness
  • Unlimited acces to the Village spa facilities and Village Fitness
  • Free parking for the first 4 hours
  • 25% discount on Vitality and Village Spa treatments and products
  • 25% discount in the restaurants and bars of The Corendon City Hotel* and Corendon Village Hotel.

* With the exception of the Ladies Afternoon and Ladies Nights.


1 month membership*


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3 months membership*


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1 year membership*


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*check our conditions for our Spa membership.

Vitality Spa

Experience a complete relaxation for your body and soul in the Vitality Spa. Discover a traditional Turkish Hamam, sun on the indoor beach and detoxification in the Finnish sauna. Our city spa offers a big selection of facilities and with carefully chosen treatments. This way, you find special treatments that higher your wellbeing, self-healing abilities, and energy level.

Vitality Spa combines century-old traditions with a modern touch. The subject, the vibe and the treatments in the spa are inspired by the Ottoman Empire. The combination of the traditional mosaic, marble, dome ceilings, and modern facilities make the Vitality Spa the perfect place to recover. Let our professional coworkers take good care of you. Re-vitalize!

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Village Spa & Fitness

There isn’t anything more nice after a busy day, than relaxing in the Turkisch steambath. The combination of warmth and steam has a beneficial working and causes your daily stress and fatigue decreases. The high temperature of the Finnish Sauna causes your bloodcirculation to increasem your stresslevel decreases and you will feel much more healthy and vital.

Do you want to bring your condition up to standard? Start your day off with a cardio workout in the morning or end your dady with a challenging weight training. The modern fitnessequipments cause that there isn’t missing anything while training.

Check all our Village Spa facilities

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