Hamam Sultans Experience

How do you enjoy the Hamam Sultans Experience?

First you take a seat on the traditional heated belly plate in the Hammam section of the Vitality Spa. The session starts with a hot water ritual. After this, your body is scrubbed according to Ottoman tradition. The scrub ritual is done by using the Tekya, the original palm root brush.

After your body is abundantly rinsed with hot water again, it is time for the session. The entry is done through the Torba, the traditional soap bag, filled with Sabon Beldi. Sabon Beldi is a soft Turkish olive soap. Now your body is ready for a wonderful, relaxing soap massage.

In the Hammam.
After this fantastic experience you will be completely relaxed mentally and physically. You will receive a closure in the Vitality Bar.

“Experience the Hamam in the Vitality Spa. Relax completely: Vitalize your body and mind!”


50 minutes  € 75,00