Vitality Spa facilities

The Vitality Spa is about recharging yourself. The complete relaxation of body and mind. The design, atmosphere and well-being rituals in the Vitality Spa are inspired by the spirit of the Ottoman Empire. A traditional Turkish Hamam, unique indoor beach and warmed relaxation area are just a few of the many facilities. Come in and revitalize!

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Steam Cabin

The Steam Cabin is a warm room with a high humidity level. The combination of heat and steam allow your body to get rid of all waste itself and will open up the skin pores. The Steam Cabin will also stimulate blood circulation, leaving your skin beautifully soft and smooth.

The Steam Cabin can be found in the Hammam area within the Vitality Spa and is open to all Vitality Spa guests. It is a warm room heated around 45 ° Celsius, is filled up with steam and enjoys humidity levels of approximately 98%.

We would recommend starting off with 10-20 minutes in the steambath for an absolutely ultimate Hammam experience.

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Tepidarium Lounge

Enjoy a moment of ultimate rest. Relax in the Tepidarium lounge. One of our most extraordinary rooms in the Vitality Spa. You will feel like you’re a million miles away from all the hustle and bustle of the city when you spend time in the Tepidarium lounge.

The Tepidarium Lounge it set to a very pleasant temperature. Feel like you have arrived in a beautiful paradise, surrounded by an amazing spectacle of natural elements.

Relax on one of the heated, mosaic-tiled loungers or take a seat in one of the fantastic relaxing recliners. While laying and relaxing your senses will experience all elements of natural elements. Sound, light, visuals and natural herb fragrances are all part of the Tepidarium lounge experience.

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Finnish Sauna

Regular visits to the sauna will result in a stronger immune system, softer skin and you will feel both healthier and more energetic. The Vitality Spa’s Finnish Sauna can be found between the Hammam and the tepidarium, is heated to 85-90 degrees Celsius and is equipped with wooden seats, suitable for either sitting or lying down on.

Make sure your body cools down sufficiently after a trip to the sauna by taking a cold shower afterwards.

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The Hamam within the Vitality Spa contributes to an optimal Hamam experience. The use of Turkish natural stone, various ornaments and original architectonic aspects capture the feeling of the traditional Oriental Bath House.

You will find the original “Göbek Taşi”, the heated marble belly stone, in the centre of the Hamam room. The Hamam also includes a variety of footbaths and taps where the “Ghassoul” dishes can be filled with water. With two “Private Hamam” rooms, you can enjoy a personal treatment.

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Indoor Beach Room

The unique Indoor Beach Room is developed to enjoy the beach 365 days a year.
The Indoor Beach Room is provided with Vitamine D lights and is good for relaxation, stimulates the muscles and immune system


Vitality Pool

Lane swimming, swimming against the current or simply floating around in the heated water. It is all possible in the Vitality Pool. The Vitality Pool is equiped with a jet stream. Swim against the current or let your body completely relax. Enjoy the sound of the waterfall flowing into the swimming pool or lay down on one of the loungers in the Vitality Pool area.

The swimming pool water is set to 33° Celsius and therefore feels incredibly pleasant. Along with the depth of 1.40 meters, in which most guest are able to stand up, the Vitality Pool is the perfect place to re-vitalize.

Please note: the Vitality Pool can only be visited as part of Vitality Spa. Swimwear is mandatory.

Infrared Sauna

You will experience a very pleasant ambient temperature of 50° Celsius inside the Infrared Sauna. The Infrared Sauna is located next to the swimming pool inside the Vitality Spa.

The entirely safe infrared radiation has a very intensive and deep effect on the muscles. The radiation heat results in a positive effect on both the muscles and joints, as oxygen and the necessary nutrients for the body are absorbed more effectively. The rays within the Infrared Sauna have a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, as well as injuries.

It is thoroughly recommend to use the Infrared Sauna before a body treatment. This in order to optimally enjoy one of the many massage experiences. The massage effects will be optimised as your muscles will have been warmed up beforehand. Leaving your body feeling energized after using the infrared cabin.

*Pregnant women or guests with a pin or pacemaker are not recommended to use the infrared sauna.


Vitality Fitness

Our Vitality Fitness facility is perfect for you if you want to make all possible effort to get or keep your body in a fit and good condition.

You will find a very extensive supply of Technogym equipment in Vitality Fitness. The extensive offer of various Technogym equipment make sure you can enjoy a sufficient and complete fitness workout for both strength and cardio.

The Vitality Fitness is open 24/7 and free of charge for hotel guests



The mild heat and the pleasant climate of the Sanarium reduces high blood pressure and can alleviate circulation disorders. And that is not all: a regular bath in the sanarium will train your cardiovascular system and effectively increase your resistance to cold symptoms. The positive effect of the sanarium on the immune system has now been proven. And our largest organ, our skin, is also pleased with this first-class beauty program: the skin is purified and intensively cared for with nutrients and mineral salts.

  • This sauna goes up to 60 degrees.
  • Has a nice scent experience.
  • You should sit on a towel with your entire body.
  • The use of your own products in the sauna is prohibited.