Finnish sauna

Relax in the traditional Finnish sauna at high temperatures.

Visit our Finnish Sauna and experience the age-old traditional sauna. Let your body and mind completely relax.

Finnish Sauna in Vitality Spa
The Finnish Sauna, is heated to 85-90 degrees Celsius. These high temperatures ensure waste products are removed from the body. The alternation between hot and cold temperatures will open up your skin pores, remove old skin cells and stimulate the production of new skin cells. This for instance contributes towards preventing skin aging.

Regular visits to the sauna will result in a stronger immune system, softer skin and you will feel both healthier and more energetic. The Vitality Spa’s Finnish Sauna can be found between the Hammam and the tepidarium, is heated to 85-90 degrees Celsius and is equipped with wooden seats, suitable for either sitting or lying down on.

Make sure your body cools down sufficiently after a trip to the sauna by taking a cold shower afterwards.

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12+ years old

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