It is our priority objective to apply our environmental policy to protect our environment, respect all living entities that constitute the ecosystem and defend the rights of life in Grand Park Lara during our services with the support of our staff and guests

To ensure that all activities are sensitive to the environment, to consume less energy and natural resources, to minimize waste generation, to sort waste, to support recycling and recovery from the stage of foundation of the facilities,

To fulfill all the requirements of environmental legislation and to provide training, Being preferred by the people with environmental awareness,

To minimize chemical consumption, to create personnel awareness about the necessity of using chemi- cals in appropriate quantities and to take measures in this direction,

To raise awareness of our staff and guests in order to save water and energy and to ensure continuous monitoring of chemical consumption and amount of waste generated,

To ensure transfer of ecological balance of nature through sustainable tourism principle and to deter- mine the framework of our environmental policy.

While fulfilling all these activities, our main objective is to protect, develop and constantly improve the

environmental awareness.