The protection and improvement of our environment, in the tourism sector.

We as Corendon Group Hotels have the highest expectations,

To provide a healthier and safer environment.

To leave a tourism movement and green heritage for our younger generations.

Legislation and quality standards are importance in our country; To improve our service.

By working together in an agreement, with standard requirements such as ISO 9001, 22000, 14001, 10002,

With importance for the health of the environment, demanding the same expectations than human health. The preservation of our natural resources and recycling,

For reducing environmental pollution and the distribution of environmentally friendly products.

To give the expectations and needs of the guest in this context and to offer the highest level of expectations,

From earth materials to presentations, according to the standards of hygiene. Healthy and reliable products suitable for everyone’s taste, to be able to satisfy our guests and employees.

By continuously improving the performance of our employees so we can identify the dangers and risks they can be exposed to. To prevent accidents and illness.

The tourism industry is determined to be one of the leading brands as its main objective.