This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) applies to platforms and websites operated by Corendon Hotels and accessed and used over the internet.

1. Cookies (Cookies)
Cookies or in other words ‘Cookies’ are small text particles placed on devices such as computers, tablets or phones in order to ensure the proper functioning of the website, to improve the user experience, to develop and optimise the site, to provide more relevant, interest-oriented content and advertising, to provide an interesting and personalised website/application and advertising portfolio for visitors and customers, and to generate traffic statistics.

2. Cookies and Usage
The content of cookies is determined on the server side and cookies placed on users’ devices when the site is visited can be used by the server. Cookies can be considered as the identity card of the internet user indicating that the user has visited the website again.

Cookies are classified into two groups as ‘session’ cookies and ‘persistent’ cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that are kept until the user leaves the website and contain information that is remembered and used by the website while the user is browsing between pages. Persistent cookies are cookies that are stored on the user’s device even after the user leaves the website. Such cookies ensure that the user is remembered by the web server in case the website is visited again by the user and do not contain information identifying the user.

In addition, cookies can be classified as analytical 3rd party cookies, mandatory cookies, commercial cookies according to their functions. As Corendon Hotels, we use cookies, which are generally anonymous in nature, in order to ensure that the website can function properly and to enable users to navigate the site and benefit from the features, but we also use analytical cookies that may contain user personal information due to their nature.

3. Adjusting Cookie Settings in the Internet Browser
Although many browsers automatically accept cookies, you do not have to accept them. Users can remove cookies from their web browser settings. The location of these settings varies depending on the web browser you are using. You can locate the relevant settings by using the Help commands in your web browser. By using the Corendon Hotels website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the Policy. If you do not want to accept our Cookie applications on your electronic device, you can reject the Cookie application. If you reject cookies, our website may not function properly or may cause disruptions during the provision of the services you have requested.

4. First Party Cookies
First party cookies are cookies issued from the domain (the relevant link must be provided), which are generally used to determine language and location preferences or to provide basic site functionality.

5. Third Party Cookies for Analytical Purposes
In order to provide better service to our visitors, we measure the number of page views, the number of visits, the different transactions performed by visitors on our site, the geographical location of visitors and the number of visitors returning to the site.

6. Session Cookies
Session cookies are temporary cookies used to remember you for the duration of your website visit and expire when you close your web browser.

7. Persistent Cookies
Persistent cookies are used to remember your preferences on the website and remain on your desktop or mobile device even after you close your browser or restart your computer. We use these cookies to analyse user behaviour to create visitor templates so that we can improve our website functionality for you and others who visit our website(s). These cookies allow us to serve you with targeted advertisements and to measure the effectiveness of site functions and advertisements.

8. How are third party cookies used?
We use third-party vendors for some of the functionality on our websites, for example where you visit a page with videos with the YouTube extension or links leading to it. These videos or links (and any other content from third-party providers) may contain third-party cookies, so we recommend that you consult the privacy policies of these third-party providers to learn about their use of cookies.

9. How can I reject and delete cookies?
You can choose to reject or block all or certain types of cookies set based on your visit to a Corendon website by clicking on the cookie preferences on our website(s). You can change your preferences for Corendon websites and/or third party suppliers’ websites by changing your browser settings. Please note that most browsers automatically accept cookies. Therefore, if you do not want cookies to be used, you may need to actively delete or block cookies. If you refuse the use of cookies, you can continue to use our websites, but some of the functions may not work correctly. You can also visit for information on how to delete or refuse cookies and about cookies in general. By using our website without deleting or rejecting some or all of the cookies, you agree that we may place these cookies on your device that you have not deleted or rejected.

Cookie Description Exit Preference Link / More information about the relevant privacy policy
Adobe Analytics We use Adobe Analytics to understand how users reach our website(s) and how they interact with us on the website. The data is used to improve the user experience. No personal information is collected and the data is not shared with any third party.
Bing The Bing Ads Universal Activity Tracking tag helps us understand how our Bing campaigns perform by tracking actions on Corendon websites when adverts are clicked.
Crazy Egg We use the Crazy Egg service to help us improve the visitor experience and performance of our website. Crazy Egg provides graphical, video and textual analysis of visitor behaviour on the website. It tracks where visitors click and allows us to fine-tune the layout and design of our web pages.
Contentsquare is a User Experience Analytics platform used to help improve our customers’ experience on websites.
DoubleClick Floodlight DoubleClick Floodlight cookies enable us to understand whether you have completed certain actions on our website(s) after seeing or clicking on one of our display/video ads served on Google or other platforms through DoubleClick. DoubleClick uses this cookie to understand the content you have interacted with on our website(s) so that it can then serve you some targeted advertising.
Facebook Facebook helps you stay in touch with your network via its website / mobile app. We make it easy for you to share any content of interest to you on Facebook. We may also sometimes serve targeted adverts on Facebook based on your interaction on our website(s).
Google Adwords Conversion Google Adwords Conversion tracking cookies help us to understand whether you have completed certain actions on our website(s) after seeing or clicking on one of our advertisements served through Google.
Google Analytics We use Google Analytics to understand how our media campaigns work and how you interact with our website in order to improve the user experience.
Google (Yeniden pazarlama) Google uses this cookie to understand what content you interact with on our website(s) in order to be able to provide you with targeted advertising on Google partner websites and thus to be able to provide you with targeted advertising based on the content you interact with on our website(s).
Lucid Lucid cookies help us measure brand reputation and brand awareness from our advertising and marketing campaigns.
Magnetic Medya Magnetic tags make it easier for us to provide more detailed information, including a target analysis report that shows aggregated user search patterns before/after site visits and before/after seeing a Magnetic-served advertisement. These reports often reveal certain key trends and brand-related dependencies and will help us optimise the campaign and provide audience insights that can be applied across all marketing channels.
Pardot Pardot tracks visitor and potential customer activities on your website and Pardot landing pages by placing cookies on visitors’ browsers. These cookies are created to remember visitors’ preferences (form field values, etc.) when they come back to your site. We also create cookies for Pardot users who log in to our application; this allows the login session to be kept open, table filters to be remembered and so on.
Specific Media technology is used to send targeted messages and video advertisements to users based on their interaction on our website(s).
Twitter Twitter provides real-time updates from around the world on stories, ideas and opinions that are trending on the Twitter accounts or hashtags you choose to follow. We make it easy for you to share our website content via Twitter. Occasionally, we may offer you some advertising on Twitter based on your interaction with our website(s).
Tube Mogul Tube Mogul helps us deliver targeted video advertisements via desktop/mobile devices and measure their relative performance through real-time inventory on Tube Mogul partner websites. Tube Mogul does not intend to collect any Identifying Information from our website(s).
VK This tag collects target audience information from the VK Russian Social Network for subsequent remarketing. Target segmentation will allow for increased efficiency of advertising on VK and a reduction in advertising spend for Corendon.
Xaxis Xaxis helps us identify audience segments based on your interaction with our website(s) and then deliver targeted display, mobile and video ads to these anonymous segments. Xaxis does not collect personal data, so they only know your browser or device, but never your name/contact details.
Yandex This tag collects target audience information for remarketing on the Yandex Advertising Network. Target segmentation will allow for increased efficiency of advertising in Yandex and a reduction in advertising spend for Corendonl.
YouTube We embed videos from YouTube on our website(s) or link to them on our website(s). As a result, cookies from YouTube may be sent when you visit a page with embedded content from YouTube or content that links to it.
Zendesk Content and links are placed on our website via Zendesk. Therefore, you may encounter Zendesk cookies on pages where content is uploaded or visited through Zendesk.

Corendon Website Cookies

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