Quality, Food Safety, Environment, Guest Satisfaction and Sustainability Policy

We are committed to increasing our service quality by working in compliance with the legislation in force in our country and the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 10002 quality standards,

Accepting environmental health as equivalent to human health, controlling our natural resource consumption and waste, reducing environmental pollution and using environmentally friendly products,

Thinking with a focus on guest satisfaction and determining the expectations and needs of the guests in this framework and providing the highest level of satisfaction,

Presenting healthy, reliable products suitable for different tastes to our guests and employees by following the hygiene rules in the processes from raw material to presentation,

Providing regular training of our employees, preventing possible work accidents and occupational diseases by constantly improving their conditions, identifying the dangers and risks they may be exposed to,

Providing social and economic benefits to the people of the region and minimizing the negative effects on the people,

Benefitting the cultural heritage and minimizng the damage to the cultural heritage,

Protecting the environment, improving environmental conditions, increasing the positive effects on the environment and minimizing the negative effects on the environment,

Playing an active role in the transition to low carbon emissions by taking into account the holistic effects of climate change on economic and social welfare and growth,

Creating a modern and safe work environment that respects human rights, where social justice and labor rights are constantly developed,

Providing diversity in the workforce without discriminating people based on gender, religion, political opinion, race, cultural or social origin,

Continuous improvement in all activities we carry out for our growth targets in the tourism sector, and providing an effective and sustainable service, taking social and cultural impacts into account environmental.