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Corendon Mission 747 accomplished

Corendon Boeing 747 ‘City of Bangkok‘ arrived at final destination!

Corendon Boeing 747

"A unique event"

The Boeing 747-400, the former KLM aircraft, ‘City of Bangkok’, made her first commercial flight in June 1989. After 30 years of reliable service the airplane got a new final destination: the backyard of the garden of Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam.

Boeing 747-400:

Wingspan: 64.44 meters (the size of a soccer field is between 64-75 meters)
Height: 19.4 meters
Length: 70.67 meters
Cruise speed: 920 kilometers per hour
Range: 12,900 kilometers
Maximum number of passengers: 408
Weight: approximately 178,750 kilograms
The airplane has been in the air for over a total of 134,297 hours and has made a total of 18,024 starts. The airplane has flown non-stop for more than 15 years.
The airplane transported roughly 6 million passengers in recent years.

What is going to happen in the future?

that will be a big surprise