Give back to the future

Our mission

We all travel a bit. The world is being discovered and the opportunities are huge, because everyone has the right to go on holiday. This not only creates new memories, but also has a strong impact on the environment, people and the destinations themselves.

We, Corendon Hotels & Resorts, have a green heart for the world and feel co-responsible for the sustainable development of our Hotels & Resorts and maintaining a liveable world.

Working together towards a sustainable future is of great importance for Corendon Hotels & Resorts, both at local and international level. After all, we all know that the decisions we make today affect the world of tomorrow. By making responsible choices ourselves and by taking our customers on board for the sake of a responsible holiday, we try to ensure that future generations can also enjoy all those wonderful places on earth. We therefore work together with our Hotels & Resorts worldwide to set up the right strategy for this. Collaboration on an international level has a greater impact.

Our approach in three core objectives: People, environment and added value.

The tourism industry is one of the largest economic industries in the world in terms of turnover and job creation. We are therefore proud of the positive, local contribution that we make with our Hotels & Resorts at our destinations worldwide.

Not only does it provide employment and economic development, it also ensures exchange of cultures and development of people. At the same time, we also realize that traveling has a great impact on the environment, culture and society. We can only continue to exist if we also take good care of our destinations, guests and hotels. That is why we as a hotel group are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment and reduce our footprint. We are therefore 100% committed to raising awareness about a responsible stay, in our hotels and beyond. By making responsible holidays a part of our business operations, we ensure that our organization has a positive influence on the future of our hotel destinations, anywhere in the world


We do this by committing ourselves to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
By integrating the so-called SDGs into our sustainability strategy, we actively contribute to a better and more sustainable future for everyone from our core activities.

Fair work and economic growth

Responsible consumption and production

Climate Action

Life below water

Life on land

What you need to know about the SDGs

Tourism is one of the driving forces of global economic growth. By promoting fair work in the tourism industry, various groups are benefiting from this economic growth. We focus our policy on promoting sustainable tourism that creates jobs and supports and preserves local culture and production. That is how we introduced the Corendon Academy. A training and education program, at home and abroad, for young adults from the age of 18 who get work opportunities within our hotels, trained by our own people.

We are conscious of the things we buy and use. This concerns sustainable products and goods that we purchase for the hotels worldwide.

We pay close attention to our energy and water consumption, waste / waste management and ensure that this is done as efficiently as possible. Corendon Village and Corendon City Hotel have the Green Key gold certification.

We take measures to make conservation and sustainable use of oceans and seas at our destinations. For example, we look at more sustainable fishing and we try to protect coral reefs by making certain beaches inaccessible to tourists.

Restore ecosystems and preserve biodiversity. The emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases contributes to the greenhouse effect. This leads to climate change. To give back to the earth, we have been planting trees in Turkey since 2010, to prevent soil erosion, and to compensate for CO2 emissions, for example. We have planted 415,000 trees so far. In addition, we participate in the repair and cleaning up of mangroves in Curaçao. The soil was cleaned up in consultation with nature conservation organizations on the island, and manually removed from the street. Mangrove are large ecosystems that are very important for biodiversity, coastal protection, carbon capture, water treatment and tourism. The mangrove Habitats are under threat worldwide.

Sustainability is anchored in our organization. For the entire Corendon Group, of which tour operator Corendon, Corendon (Dutch) Airlines and Corendon Hotels & Resorts are part, we have set joint objectives for sustainability. For the sustainability strategy at Corendon Hotels & Resorts we work with the following four themes to propagate our policy: social commitment, the environment, conscious purchasing and our employees.

Please read the CSR statement here: CSR Statement Corendon Hotels & Resorts