Restaurants & Bars

Quality and a large choice of beautiful settings distinguish
Corendon Hotels & Resorts wining and dining facilities.

Organic food
We work with fresh organic products whenever it’s possible. In our Corendon Hotels, we use no less than twenty different types of organic vegetables and fruits. Also, some wines on our wine list are of biological origin. What makes these products organic? They are grown without artificial pesticides and fertilizer. They also contain no synthetic preservatives and fragrances, colors and flavors. This way we save the environment, promote biodiversity, respect animal welfare while keeping the countryside safe.

An opportunity for the local suppliers
We prefer to work with local suppliers. Our suppliers of fresh products in Amsterdam and Badhoevedorp all come from a radius of no more than twenty kilometers. We have consciously opted for this because it reduces CO2 emissions and we like to support the local labor market. For example, our peppers, aubergines, and tomatoes come from Osdorp nursery. This is a great chance for (former) addicts, homeless people and people with psychological problems that work there to contribute to the labor market and reintegrate into society.

Seasonal ingredients
Food from the season is food that nature has to offer at that moment. We think that’s important because it allows us to use local products and it’s better for the environment.