Corendon Hotels & Resort in the Netherlands switch to environmentally friendly bamboo toilet paper from The Good Roll

Corendon Hotels & Resorts is excited to share our recent partnership with The Good Roll, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability. Starting this week, all our locations in the Netherlands have switched to using bamboo toilet paper from The Good Roll.

This decision aligns with our ongoing efforts to adopt eco-friendly practices and minimize our environmental impact. This is also why we are Green Key Gold certified. The Good Roll, known for its 100% tree-friendly toilet paper, focuses on building clean toilets in Africa. Sander de Klerk, co-founder of The Good Roll, says, “This collaboration with Corendon Hotels & Resorts is a positive step in our mission to make an impact. Together, we show that sustainability and comfort can coexist.”

Choosing The Good Roll allows us to fulfill our sustainable and social ambitions, even with something as simple as toilet paper. Atacan Uslu of Corendon Hotels & Resorts notes, “Proud to make an impact in this way.”

This collaboration aims to contribute significantly to the sustainability of the hotel industry and engage guests in these important issues.

Clean and safe toilets for everyone.

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