Join the pipe

Since 2015, the Corendon City Hotel Amsterdam has placed a tap water point of Join the Pipe. The money earned by Join the pipe is invested in drinking water projects in developing countries.

Our water tap
At the Corendon City hotel we have installed a tap of Join the Pipe. Everyone can refill their water bottle at the Corendon City hotel in Amsterdam. With the tap we promote Dutch tap water and we support Join the Pipe with their drink water projects in developing countries.

What does Join the Pipe do?
Join the Pipe is the first social network of tap water drinkers with a dream: to provide everyone, everywhere in the world, with clean drinking water by building the longest water pipeline. The organization promotes the drinking of tap water with the aim to discourage the use of pre-packaged spring water and stimulate the fair distribution of drinking water. They do this with the sale of refillable tap water bottles and water tap points. Through donations they finance clean drinking water projects in developing countries such as Gambia, Kenya and Ghana. For more information about the work of Join the Pipe, visit:

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