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In May 2017, Corendon Hotels & Resorts participated for the second time in the Tweens Talent Fair 2017 in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. A unique and innovative talent fair where young people experiment with their talents and experience the opportunities that companies connect with.

Talent grant for young people
With TweensTalent, young people can experiment with their talents under the guidance of role models and professionals to create connections for the future.

We felt like it was important to participate in this social project, which is why we offered the following workshops during this event: the pilot test, the Cor & Don Kids burger contest, a party evening with GOfun and the Corendon Aircraft Lab.

The pilot test: in the pilot test, the youngsters experienced what it is to be a pilot by means of a quiz and a marshmallow challenge.

The Cor & Don’s Kids Burger Competition: this competition was perfect for real creative people. The youngsters were allowed to think for themselves what the perfect kidsburger looks like

Party evening with GOfun: at this workshop the young people portrayed their idea of an ideal party (holiday) on a mood board.

Corendon Aircraft Lab: voor de laatste workshop moesten de jongeren naar het Corendon Aircraft Lab. Hier gingen de jongeren aan de slag met een boroscoop inspectie op een motoronderdeel van een vliegtuig. Door het wisselen van vliegtuigonderdelen zagen de jongeren hoe vliegtuigonderhoud werkt.

It was a very successful day and we wish the youngsters a bright future, who knows maybe at Corendon!

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