Sustainability at Corendon Hotels & Resorts

Corendon owns eight hotels, with the Mangrove Beach Resort in Curaçao being our latest pride and joy. Sustainability is a top priority at all our hotels, but at the Mangrove Beach Resort, we have particularly focused on the most modern and efficient techniques to create a sustainable hotel concept.

For instance, we use solar panels to generate energy daily.

This energy is enough to run almost our entire hotel. Additionally, we ensure that we use water as efficiently as possible. We extract salt water from the sea and filter it for use in showers and swimming pools. The water is then reused for the plants in the gardens. What remains is given to farmers for irrigation. Not a drop is wasted, and this is partly thanks to our excellent cooperation with the Curaçao water supply and purification company.

The beautiful natural beauty of the sea is invaluable. Therefore, the pumping of seawater is done very carefully. At the same time, we take action against pollution to protect life underwater and on the seabed. We regularly organize clean-ups to remove waste from the sea and the mangroves.

Of course, we separate waste, use biodegradable cleaning products, don’t just throw away food leftovers but use them as animal feed where possible, and buy as many local products as possible from farmers and suppliers on the island. In this way, we ensure sustainable daily routines for all our employees.

Give back to the future